A Designer's Secret Exposed: Put it on a Pedestal

A Designer's Secret Exposed: Put it on a Pedestal

Decorative Pedestals date back to Ancient Greek times where marble and bronze pedestals were used to display Greek Gods.  Despite their long time existence, pedestals are often overlooked as a design trick.  We are here to change this!

Using a pedestal in a room can help fill an awkward corner, space or nook.  It can introduce a new material to a room and it can also bring height variation while highlighting a favorite heirloom or accessory. 

Let's explore 8 of our favorite looks where introducing a pedestal truly transforms these rooms; or how we like to say "Puts these rooms on a Pedestal".

About Face

Nobody has a more distinctive southern aesthetic than Birmingham, Alabama based designer and painter William McClure.  Known for his bold abstract canvases and his mix of southern and modern; we love how this face sculpture now becomes a highlighted decorative element in the room. It almost states, "look at me, I'm special"

Less is More

We are crushing over this bathroom space designed by Tamsin Johnson.  Sometimes all you need is a striking pedestal.  The contrast of red marble next to the abstract purple artwork warms up the room of cooler color tones and adds an unexpected twist of interest to the space.

Endless Possibilities

Featured in Elle Decor magazine, Luis Bustamante's Madrid apartment finds endless possibilities in making even the end of a hallway a space with purpose.  The pedestal lengthens the room and brings the other decorative pieces from the ajoining study into play with shape and form.

Natural Display

We love filling empty spaces with a touch of nature.  Live arrangements softens and brings life to a room.  We can't get enough of how Neal Beckstedt boasts a sculptural quality to add just an additional element of interest and variation in texture to his soho apartment turned furniture showroom.

 Room Zones

In a large open living space, separate the room into zones by adding two area rugs, different furniture placement, and placing a pedestal between the two distinctive living spaces. We love how this great room designed by Tamsin Johnson finds multiple purposes simply by a sculptural distinction.

Don't Make it Awkward

A tall pedestal or column is the perfect solution to add interest to a narrow or awkward corner. It can give you a place for a raised vase or sculpture that won't take away from limited floor space. This example by blends what would otherwise by an awkward space, thanks to this contemporary pedestal addition.

Mix Old and New

We feel that every room should have a little mix of old and new and it couldn't have been done better than in this Soho Townhome by Patrick McGrath Design in New York. We can't get enough of how the black marble pedestal in this study adds a modern element next to the french sofa.  It gives the space the perfect modern parisienne style.

Mixing Materials

Grounding this space with a solid white pedestal, provides a unique way to bring in contrasting materials. The dark wood accent chairs, coffee table, bronze accents, and concrete vase are softened and gain interest from the white opposite neutral added to the space.

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