Decorating with Sculpture and Busts: A Modern Twist with a Subtle Nod to the Past

Decorating with Sculpture and Busts: A Modern Twist with a Subtle Nod to the Past

Wanting to add a touch of old-world presence to your home’s interiors while maintaining a modern feel? Introducing a classically inspired bust or sculpture into your décor can be a great option.  It’s an instantaneous method to add sophistication, individuality, and elegance into any room.

Whether your style is more traditionally vintage, artfully modern inspired, or what we love a mix of both; decorating with a bust can elevate any interior style of the home. Having an architectural bust in the mix, lends a playful layer to a space while bringing life to the room with its humanistic qualities.  From Contemporary to Gustavian, a mix of past and present is always a must with a bust!

Take a peek at several rooms below that have inspired our love for decorating with sculpture and busts.  Find tips on how to incorporate this classic yet modern feel into your existing aesthetic and a list of our favorite curated finds to accomplish this look.

Design by Timothy Wealan

We love how this three dimensional art piece, sitting masculine, breaks up the monotony of the two dimensional art hung above and to the side of the antique campaign chest.  It looks fantastic as a sole performer taking stage as the finishing touch.


Design by Josh Young House

Josh Young House designs are always chic and oh so sophisticated.  His use of black, whites, and neutrals gain weight, interest, and texture from accessories made from stone, marble, and bronzes.  With everything structural and abstract in this space, we love the humanistic quality that this statue brings to the vignette.


Design by William Mc Clure 

If you wish to incorporate an old world collected feel to your home's interiors here is one design tip we love. Find an antique piece to put on display, rather than trying to fill a space with just antique furniture; it's amazing how accessories can transform an otherwise neutral and modern space with a little bit of age and patina. 


Design by William Mc Clure

Transitory spaces or small spaces that don’t allow for large pieces such as hallways or bedroom corners, are perfect for your special piece that you want to catch a glimpse of frequently.  Furniture such as a skinny console table, demilune, or pedestal are all useful and handsome options for a hallway. Each can raise your special piece off the ground to a height where it can be enjoyed as you pass by. 


Design by Josh Young House 

Bringing a sculpture to eye-level, like the bust on this mantelpiece, enables it to observe and be observed; coordinate with modern art, pots, natural greens, and smaller dimensional objects to offset any formality to the space.


Design by Frederic Mechiche 

Isn't the human form beautiful?!  We love the masterful and stimulating incorporation of the torso and face sculptures in this room.  This unique and equal arrangement of both art and form casually pulls us to want to explore each piece and its unique story. 


Design by Lauren Leiss

We are seeing more and more of a casual formality in homes today.  Adding a classical bust on a table, credenza, console, or chest (mixed in with other architectural elements), is a great way to marry the two looks.  The sculpture above somehow gives a non intrusive luxe to an otherwise relaxed look. 

When shopping for a sculpture, ensure that it’s a piece with a soul that speaks directly to you.  Browse our curated collection; it’s our hope that a piece will add a taste of dimension and form to your space, while speaking to YOU. (Click on the picture for the purchasing link).


Head of Zeus
Ancient Greek Torso
Mysterious Man Sculpture
Greek Torso Sculpture 
Animal Bust Athena
Intertwined Resin Sculpture
Greek Head Fragment


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